w/ Access Control Integration

IP Camera Recording Software that integrates IP video cameras with your Access Control system.
Two powerful technologies made more powerful by intelligent integration.

ViewCommander-NVR has the ability to leverage the power of your Access Control system.

ViewCommander's event based system gets real-time information from your Access Control system, allowing you to take actions on events such as recording, video & audio alerts, and email notification.

ViewCommander's integrated control panel allows you to open and unlock doors within the ViewCommander software - no need to have multiple applications open.

ViewCommander-NVR will query your Access Control system and list events that match specific user defined criteria - and correlate the results with the recorded video for easy access.

Real-time event notification

ViewCommander lets you associate an IP camera with a door on your Access Control system. Once a door is mapped to the camera, you can set up multiple actions based on specific access control event notifications.

Here are just a few examples of possible configurations:
  • Every time you receive and "ADMIT" event, you can set ViewCommander to record the video for the associated door.
  • Every time you receive a "REJECT" event, you can set ViewCommander to record the video, as well as sound an audio alert on the ViewCommander computer.
  • Every time you receive a "TAMPER" event, you can set ViewCommander to record the video, as well as sound an audio alert on the ViewCommander computer, and send an email notification with a snapshot to a specific email address.
Access Control Events

Review Access Control Events

In ViewCommander, easily query the Access Control database to see the events that happened for a particular door during a specified time range.

From the generated list of events, simply click on and event to automatically cue the recorded video for that door at the exact time the event occurred.
Query Access Control

Send commands from ViewCommander to lock and unlock doors.

Lock or unlock doors from the ViewCommander interface while viewing the live video from that door simultaneously.
Send Commands

Supported Access Control Systems
ViewCommander supports ISONAS Access Control systems.

Supported Cameras

The ViewCommander-NVR supports a wide range of popular IP network cameras, including...
If your exact camera model is not listed below, please contact us and we will verify if ViewCommander will support it.

AXIS - Most all AXIS models supported, including:
AXIS 200, AXIS 205, AXIS 206, AXIS 207, AXIS 206W, AXIS 2400, AXIS 2401
AXIS 241Q, AXIS 241S, AXIS 2100, AXIS 2130, AXIS 213 PTZ, AXIS 213D, AXIS 214
AXIS 210, AXIS 211, AXIS 212, AXIS 223M, AXIS 231D, AXIS 232D, AXIS 233D

Acutvista Dome Camera
AirLink AIC250W
A-Linking PTZ
Approtech DVR 3000 series, 3016, 3014
AverMedia NetCam
Aviosys IP Kamera 9000, 9000A
Aviosys 9100A (channel 1 only)
Canon VB-C10
Canon VB-C50Fi
Canon VB-C50i
Cellvision 370W
Cellvision CAS-771W
Dedicated Micros D4
Dedicated Micros DS2
D-Link DCS-900
D-Link DCS-900W
D-Link DCS-950
D-Link DCS-5300 DCS-5300G
D-Link DCS-6600 series
D-Link DCS-2100+
FlexWatch PTZ
GadSpot (MJPEG Models)
GadSpot GS1200(G)

Hawking HNC-230G
Hawking HNC-230G
Hawking HNC-720(G)
Hawking HNC720G
Hawking Pan TiltI-Watcher PT300
Intellinet Models 550710 550703 550000
Intellinet 550734 (Pan Tilt Zoom)IQinVision IQEye 300 Series
IQinVision IQEye 501
IQinVision IQEye 600 Series
IQinVision IQEye 752

Panasonic - Most all Panasonic cameras supported, including:
Panasonic BB Series w/ Optical Zoom
Panasonic BB Series
Panasonic BB-HCE481A
Panasonic BB-HCM311A
Panasonic BB-HCM331A
Panasonic BB-HCM371A
Panasonic BB-HCM381A
Panasonic BB-HCM403A
Panasonic BB-HCM511A
Panasonic BB-HCM515A
Panasonic BB-HCM531A
Panasonic BB-HCM580A
Panasonic BB-HCM581A
Panasonic BB-HCS301A
Panasonic BL Series
Panasonic KX Series
Panasonic WV-NM100
Panasonic WV-NS202

Pelco PelcoNet 300
Pixord Cameras
Pixord Video Servers
Plustek Opticam P1
Samsung SCC-641
SONY - Most all SONY cameras supported, including:
Sony SNC-RZ25N
Sony SNC-RZ30N
Sony SNC-RX550N
Sony SNC-M3W

Sitecom LN-400 LN-401 (Use Vivotek Setting)
StarDot Express
StarDot NetCam

Toshiba IK-WB01A
Toshiba IK-WB11A
Toshiba IK-WB15A
Toshiba IK-WB21A
Toshiba IK-WR01A


Vivotek FD6000 Series
Vivotek IP2000 Series
Vivotek IP3000 Series
Vivotek IP6000 Series
Vivotek IP7000 Series
Vivotek PT3000 Series
Vivotek PT7000 Series
Vivotek PZ6000 Series
Vivotek SD6000 Series
Vivotek VS2000 Series

USB cameras (with IVI-WebCam Server)
ViewCommander supports MJPEG and JPEG video. Audio is not supported at this time.
Others available upon request.