ViewCommander-NVR - Frequently Asked Questions
How is ViewCommander-NVR Sold/Licensed?
ViewCommander-NVR is licensed per system and per camera. Each computer requires the purchase of a Base System License. Then you can purchase multiple camera licenses for that Base System.
What is the USB license dongle that is shipped with each Base System?
The USB license dongle is a small USB device that contains the licensing information for your Base System (features, cameras licenses, etc.). It must be present in the computer to run the software. Once you receive it, you can move the software from computer to computer without the need to activate the the software, or contact us each time you need to re-install the software.
Do I need a new USB dongle if I upgrade or add additional camera licenses?
No. If you upgrade your base system or add additional camera licenses, the dongle can be updated electronically without the need to ship it back to us.
I have several people who need to view the video from different computers. Does this require additional licenses?
No. Most systems come with an integrated web/video server that allows multiple users to view and playback the video using only a web browser. No special software is required to be installed or purchased for the client computers.
Do I need to register each camera's MAC address or serial number with you?
No. ViewCommander allows you to connect to any camera that is in our supported list. If a camera fails or is replaced, simply add the new camera information into ViewCommander. You DO NOT need to register the camera's MAC address or serial number with us.
Am I entitled to product updates at no charge?
Yes, as long as they are within the same major version. For example, if you purchased Version 5, you can install up 5.xx updates at no charge. Version 6 would be an option/paid upgrade at a reduced price. Currently we are offering a 70% discount from the equivalent version 6 price to upgrade from version 5.
Is this a subscription service?
No.  Once you purchase a system, it will not expire or need to be renewed.
Do I need to install an additional web server, such as IIS or Apache?
No. ViewCommander-NVR has its own built-in web/video server.