Video Sources

Video Sources – IP Cameras and IP Video Servers ViewCommander connects to a wide range of IP video cameras and IP video servers. These IP video devices are also referred to as Video Devices or Video Sources throughout this document. Video Source Connectivity Before ViewCommander can connect to your video source, it is essential your …

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New Installation

Start a New Installation Download and Install ViewCommander on the new server ViewCommander Download Page If you need to know your version or license keep, send us a support ticket. Plug the USB license dongle into to the New System Upgrading ViewCommander (from a previous version): If you are upgrading ViewCommander and migrating, this is …

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Configuration Panel Overview

Configuration Panel Overview The Configuration Panel allows you to configure several settings for the camera and video image. When video is being displayed, different settings can be adjusted and controlled in the configuration panel. The configuration panel contains four ‘tabs’ – Video, Control, Events, and Playback.