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Start a new Installation

Important Files: Location:
VC Configuration Files C:\ProgramData\ViewCommander\config
VC Backup Configuration Files C:\ProgramData\ViewCommander\config\backup
VCUtility Location C:\Program Files (x86)\IVI

ProTip: If at any point you have issues migrating your server feel free to send us an email or use the support form on the ViewCommander website

1. Download and Install ViewCommander on the new server

ViewCommander Download Page

If you need to know your version or license keep, send us a support ticket.

2. Plug the USB license dongle into to the New System

Upgrading ViewCommander
(from a previous version i.e ViewCommander Version 7 to Version 9):

If you are upgrading ViewCommander and migrating, this is where you want to upgrade the USB dongle with the email instructions that were provided


Open the VCUtility located here C:\Program Files (x86)\IVI Go to the “Licensing” tab, enter the License Name (i.e SN10000) and the License Key, make sure to hit register. After hitting register you should get message saying that the key is valid and has been stored.

3. Start ViewCommander

Go to the top left hand corner “Options > About” and verify the license is being used.

4. Last step is to install ViewCommander as a service.

Open the VC Utility go to the “Services” tab and make sure to install ViewCommander as a service