ViewCommander-Mobile for Version 14

To access  the most recent ViewCommander-NVR Version from Android and iOS devices, simply use the web browser already installed on your device. There are no additional apps to install.

The web interface has been re-designed with mobile access in mind. In addition to our apps of the past, the newest  version’s web interface has more features and allows for more remote management functions.

Web access bypasses the need for those with corporate devices to seek app approval.

If you still wish to use the app with ViewCommander, please read below

ViewCommander-Mobile Legacy Apps for version 6 through present are still available

Special Note:  Due to mobile operating system updates, these apps may no longer function as designed on some devices.  If they do not fully work on your device, we recommend using the web browser on your device to access ViewCommander-NVR.

These apps are no longer actively maintained, and are provided as-is.

ViewCommander-Mobile LiveStream for Android Google Play Store
ViewCommander-Mobile for IOS  iTunes Store