ViewCommander-NVR Version 14

ViewCommander-NVR IP camera recording software is easy to set up and use, reducing your installation and setup costs right from the start. Its efficiency will allow you to view and record more IP cameras on a single system. Furthermore, ViewCommander’s reliability will help insure your video is being saved reliably.

About the Product

ViewCommander-NVR is a reliable, feature rich, high performance, scalable IP network camera recording and management solution.

ViewCommander products are used by schools, universities, law enforcement, municipalities, commercial and industrial facilities.

About the Product

ViewCommander-NVR is a reliable, feature rich, high performance, scalable IP network camera recording and management solution.

ViewCommander products are used by schools & universities, law enforcement, municipalities, commercial and industrial facilities.

This ViewCommander-NVR screenshot shows the main user interface when taking control of a camera. The LIVE video will be displayed in the main viewing area. Cameras can be selected by choosing a camera from the Video Source Panel on the left of the screen. The control panel will allow you control Pan Tilt Zoom functions.

Clear Image

The ViewCommander-NVR software enhances LIVE video in real-time. Use tools to view items in the video that normally cannot be seen using the manufacturer provided viewing applications. 

Digitally adjust common settings like brightness and contrast even if your camera is not capable of these settings.

Easily Add Cameras

ViewCommander products can be scaled to fit your needs if you later decide to add more cameras to your existing camera fleet, or decide to upgrade to a version with more advanced features.

ViewCommander includes features to extend the capabilities of your existing IP Network cameras by adding video enhancement functions, advanced motion detection, and camera integration with other systems.

Connect Remotely

All ViewCommander-NVR models come with a built-in video server at no extra cost. You can access both LIVE and recorded video with a standard web browser with NO plug-ins, Active-X or JAVA required, meaning you can view your video from almost anywhere on any computer with an internet connection. You can even view it on your mobile device! (Android and iPhone) 

Conveniently Export Archives

Playing back recorded video is easy. Just select the ‘Playback’ tab, and click on the date from the calendar. Then select the hour and minute to begin video playback. Only dates and times that video was recorded will be displayed, so if you have video that was recorded on motion events only, then only the times when motion was detected will be displayed. Use the included ViewCommander Player to view footage on external drives.

Frequently asked questions

No. ViewCommander allows you to connect to any camera that is in our supported list. If a camera fails or is replaced, simply add the new camera information into ViewCommander. You DO NOT need to register the camera’s MAC address or serial number with us.

Yes, as long as they are within the same major version. For example, if you purchased Version 12, you can install up 12.xx updates at no charge. Version 13 would be an option/paid upgrade at a reduced price. Currently we are offering a 80% discount from the equivalent Version 13 price to upgrade from Version 12.

No. Licenses do not expire. But we strongly recommend staying up to date with the latest version. Staying on the latest version includes continued tech support, new features, and more. 



  • Record multiple IP cameras simultaneously – up
    to 30 FPS for each camera
  • Support for JPEG and MJPEG LIVE video @ 30 FPS
    per camera
  • Support for H.264
  • Audio Monitoring (some model cameras only) 
  • Audio Recording (some model cameras only) 
  • Motion Detection Notification
  • Digital I/O alarm notification for supported cameras
  • Connection Loss Notification
  • Daily Timers
  • Weekly Timers
  • Timer event actions- turn camera stream on and off at scheduled times (Pro-Advanced Only)
  • Custom web sensor inputs for 3rd party event triggers (Pro-Advanced Only)
  • Define up to three regions of interest per camera (Pro-Advanced Only)
  • Custom Controls
  • Trigger GPIO relay for supported cameras
  • 30 Frames Per Second per Camera
  • Video adjustments (brightness / equalization /  noise reduction)
  • Night Enhancement
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) support for pan-tilt enabled cameras
  • Automatic Object Tracking using PTZ functions
  • Joystick Support
  • Digital Image stabilization
  • Advanced camera function integration  – adjust settings on remote camera
  • Download preset names automatically for supported cameras
  • Return to preset on timeout
  • Configurable Camera Preset Patrolling / Touring
  • Snapshots – save individual snapshots to disk
  • Camera status – see real-time data on FPS and bandwidth usage
  • 180 degree image rotate option
  • Digital zoom – digitally zoom even if camera does not support zoom
  • Center on click (Point & Click) navigation
  • Box and Zoom (Now includes most Canon cameras)
  • Virtual Joystick for supported cameras.
  • User-defined custom buttons (Pro-Advanced Only)
  • User-defined custom button with timer (Pro-Advanced Only)
  • SSL Encrypted connection from camera to ViewCommander (Pro-Advanced Only)
  • Runs as a Window’s Service to automatically start recording on system restart.
  • Remote window thumbnail view for multiple monitor systems
  • Sidebar thumbnail view
  • Supports most commercially available IP network video cameras and servers
  • Multiple monitor support
  • 7 Day, 24 hour scheduling to allow certain features to run only at specified times, including recording, email notification, etc. configurable with 15 minute increments.
  • Individual camera scheduling override.
  • User level security – configure multiple users, each with different levels of access
  • User Logging
  • Per Camera User Access – allow specific users to access defined cameras
  • Video uplink to viewing client management systems
  • Full Screen Video View – enlarge video to fill full screen
  • Scalable – add additional cameras at any time
  • Event Email Alert
  • Camera connection loss email notification with custom timeouts
  • Performance enhancements to reduce CPU usage
  • System Stats Dashboard- Camera stats, bandwidth, user log, system log (Pro-Advanced Only)
  • Integrated Web and Video Server
  • Remote web access for live video and PTZ functions
  • SSL Encryption for secure connection
  • Web access simultaneous LIVE video connections
  • Web Management functions (add cameras, users, settings, etc.)
  • ViewCommander-Clients (included) more can be purchased
  • Remote web access for recorded video playback
  • Web access simultaneous playback connections
  • Video Export via Web Interface
  • iPhone, iPad, Android web access
  • Easy copying of archived video to USB drive storage.
  • Multiview formatting and layout options
  • User Account Expiration
  • Password complexity enforcement (Pro-Advanced Only)
  • Allows definition of user groups (Pro-Advanced Only)
  • Outgoing bandwidth control (Pro-Advanced Only)
  • DigitalFingerprint Verification 
  • Define Secondary storage drive per camera 
  • Export to AVI (MJPEG Video) 
  • Export to ASF (H.264 Video) 
  • Export to VCA format (includes audio/video/timestamp/fingerprint) 
  • ViewCommander Player- to distribute with recorded video 
  • Video export via web interface
  • Set recording end date to automatically stop recording synchronized video playback (cams) 
  • Playback histogram showing events
  • Specify different archive drive location per camera
  • Save to network attached storage (NAS)
  • Record on motion detection to save disk space
  • Pre and post alarm event recording, now with user defined times
  • Low disk space detection (auto-erase oldest archives, or stop recording)
  • Variable recording speeds – set FPS per camera
  • Export digitally enhanced recorded still images
  • Automatically delete oldest archive option based on user defined disk space requirements
  • Lock video archives to prevent them from being deleted
  • Archive Video selection based on calendar / times
  • Event filtering for recorded playback
  • Real-time playback, Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause, Single step
  • Snapshots – save digitally enhanced archive video snapshots
  • Easily import ViewCommander archive folders into system
  • Define secondary storage device per camera for simultaneous writing (Pro-Advanced Only)
  • Synchronized video playback (cams) (Pro-Plus: 4 Pro-Advanced: 8)
  • Advanced adjustable motion detection settings and thresholds
  • Motion detection – Region of interest settings with selectable grid overlay
  • Motion detection email alert notification with JPEG attachment
  • Motion detection adaptive base image option
  • Motion detection audio & visual alert notification
  • Message overlay in video on event
  • Floating Pop-up viewing windows (for multiple monitor video walls)

Licensing Questions

Licensing Questions

ViewCommander-NVR is licensed per system and per camera. Each computer requires the purchase of a Base System License. Then you can purchase multiple camera licenses for that Base System.

The USB license dongle is a small USB device that contains the licensing information for your Base System (features, cameras licenses, etc.). It must be present in the computer to run the software. Once you receive it, you can move the software from computer to computer without the need to activate the software, or contact us each time you need to re-install the software.

No. If you upgrade your base system or add additional camera licenses, the dongle can be updated electronically without the need to ship it back to us.

No. Most systems come with an integrated web/video server that allows multiple users to view and playback the video using only a web browser. No special software is required to be installed or purchased for the client computers.