ViewCommander-NVR Download

To get the latest ViewCommander-NVR update, run your current version of ViewCommander-NVR and:

Select: “Options->About” and click “Check for Updates”

If a new update is available, a web browser will open with a download to the latest version.

If ViewCommander isn’t installed:

The download link for your specific version was supplied when you purchased the software. It was printed on a piece of paper when shipped with the USB license dongle and you should have received an email as well. 

Can’t find it?

Try searching your email account for an email titled “ViewCommander-NVR Permanent License Key”. This link will contain the license key and download link. 

Still can’t find it?

Please use the support form and we will email the download link to you for your version. You will need the serial number printed on the USB License Dongle

Can’t find the USB License Dongle? (most people never make it this far)

That’s not good. You will need it to license the software. It’s probably in a USB port on your ViewCommander computer. If not, and after looking behind the couch or turning your office upside down, and you still can’t find it, please contact our sales department with your purchasing information.