Steps to update Windows 7 edge recorders

There is a very important update that came out that may resolve some Windows Remote Desktop vulnerabilities, which may be causing ransomware attacks:

This is for Windows 7 Edge recorders only.

NOTE: If you do not want to apply the update while the unit is deployed, you can temporarily disable port forwarding for port 51389 (the Edge remote desktop port) in your router until you apply the update.

DOCUMENTATION: Windows 7 for x64-based Systems Service Pack 1:

DOWNLOAD: Specific Download Link for Windows 7 64 Bit:

To install:

  1. Reboot the Edge
  2. “Commit and Disable” the Write Filter in the VCUtility
  3. Download from the link above and Save to the D Drive on the Edge Recorder
  4. Run the downloaded program to apply the update
  5. Reboot the Edge
  6. Log in to the Edge Recorder. You may see the update finish installing.
  7. Run the VCUtility and Enable the Write Filter from the “Write Filter Tab” 

You can confirm your Edge was updated by going into your Windows Settings “Programs and Features”, “View Installed Updates” on the left-hand column

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