Email Notifications

Event Notifications

Sending Event Notifications You have now set up email to send notifications when things like System Settings are changed. However, if you now want to get an email when motion or other events are triggered follow these steps: Event Actions Under the “Events” tab in the Video Configuration Panel click on “Sensors & Events” Under […]

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Setting Up Gmail in VC

Using Gmail in ViewCommander Click Here for a Video Tutorial on Email Notifications (skip to minute 1:55 for Gmail)  In the System Settings under the “Email” tab, choose “Use a Gmail Account”. Fill out the necessary information. Click here for more information. If you send a “Test Email” and you get the popup show below,

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“Email” Tab

“Email” Tab Click Here for a Video Tutorial on Email Notifications System Settings –> Email This screen allows you to configure your email server settings. ViewCommander is compatible with many email systems. In order to set up email notifications, you must have a mail server and know the mail server’s account settings. “User Defined” This

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