How To’s

Adding Archive Footage Back into VC

Adding Archive Footage back into VC Cameras may change location.  This is why in ViewCommander when you change the “Easy Reference Name” you get the following popup:  By selecting “Yes” a new is created and any previous footage is no longer viewable in Playback. However, some users may still need to see that footage. To […]

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Export Video

How to Export Video There are two tools to export video, the NVR software, and the Web Client. Within these tools there are different ways to export video depending on the situation.  Exporting within the ViewCommander Application 1. Enter “Playback mode” and click “Export” 2. Select from the “Format” drop down: “Create AVI/ASF File (.avi/.asf)”

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Turn ViewCommander On as a Service

Turn ViewCommander On As a Service **Click HERE for a video tutorial The service allows ViewCommander to continue running and recording in the background when the application is closed.  Example: There is a power outage at the office over the weekend and the ViewCommander server goes down. As soon as power is restored and the

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Add Presets

Presets OVERVIEW How to Add a Preset  Going to a Preset After a Period of Inactivity This can be helpful if multiple people are logging into ViewCommander and moving the camera. This makes the camera move back to its original preset position after a period of inactivity.  Preset Touring If you would like the camera

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Find ViewCommander Logs

*Updated: 2/2/23 How to Find the ViewCommander Log What Version are you?  VERSION 14/13/12    VERSION 11/OLDER If you have Version 14/13/12: In the Application:  In the ViewCommander Application click “Options”–> “System Settings”  Under the “General Tab” you will see “Log File Folder” click here to find the file named “ViewCommanderLog”  OR Click on the last icon

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Set up a Recording

Setting up a Recording **Click HERE for a video tutorial 1. Set the default archive location on the computer’s storage drive for where you would like to save your recordings: System Settings–> Archive Tab NOTE: That these settings are global and will apply to all cameras. Once set, you should not have to go to

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Add a Camera

Adding a Camera To watch a Video Tutorial Click HERE Network Settings Device Model Device Model is the model of the camera or video encoder you will be adding. Under the device model you will see “device special instructions”. These are tips that we provide for some cameras to assist in connecting to the camera.

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