"Email" Tab

Click Here for a Video Tutorial on Email Notifications

System Settings –> Email

This screen allows you to configure your email server settings. ViewCommander is compatible with many email systems. In order to set up email notifications, you must have a mail server and know the mail server’s account settings.

“User Defined"

This is where you will input your email server’s information manually.

  1. “Email to”: default email address of where notification emails will be sent.
  2. “Email from”: email address that the notification will come from.

**Please note: some email systems require this be a valid account on the email system.**

  1. “SMTP email server”: IP address or hostname of your SMTP outbound email server
  2. “SMTP port”: port of your SMTP outbound email server usually this is port 25.
  3. “Encryption”: select the type of encryption used by the email server the options are SSL or TLS.
  4. “SMTP Username” / “SMTP Password”: which may be required to be able to send email from some SMTP servers.

If you do not know this information, you may need to contact your IT person.

“Use a Gmail Account”

  1. “Email to”: default email address of where notification emails will be sent.
  2. “SMTP Username” / “SMTP Password”: this will be your Gmail username and password (you may need to refer to the following page for more instructions to send email through Gmail)

**Please note: with Gmail when you go to “Test Email” you may get this popup telling you your login credentials are incorrect. Click here for instructions on how to successfully send a Test Email with Gmail**

“Email Directly from ViewCommander”

  • ViewCommander is not an email server so we recommend using the previous options before using this one

You have now set up email to send notifications when things like System Settings are changed. However, if you now want to get an email when motion or other events are triggered click here.