Sending Event Notifications

You have now set up email to send notifications when things like System Settings are changed. However, if you now want to get an email when motion or other events are triggered follow these steps:

Event Actions

  1. Under the “Events” tab in the Video Configuration Panel click on “Sensors & Events”
  2. Under your previously set up “Sensor Type” click on the “Event Name” you want to get emails for (If you do not have Sensors & Events set up, click here for more instructions)
  3. Click on the “Notifications” tab
  4. Check “Enable Email Notifications”
    1. Here you will be able to set when you would like to send the email notification and whether you would like to send a JPEG snapshot as well.
  5. If you would like additional people to receive an email notification when motion is detected along with the person already designated in the System settings, you can add their email addresses here separated by a semi-colon ( ; ).
  6. Click “Save Event Actions” once finished
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