Configuration Panel

Playback Configuration Panel

Playback Configuration Panel When the Playback Configuration Panel is selected, the system will enter Digital Video Recorder (DVR) mode for video playback. The system will remain in playback mode until the “Exit DVR” button on the DVR Control Panel is pressed. This allows you to switch to the Video and Motion tabs to adjust the […]

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Events Configuration Panel

Events Configuration Panel The Events tab allows for the setting of different types of events, such as motion detection or I/O port events. You can configure ViewCommander to handle events differently for each camera. Motion Detection This section allows different motion settings to be configured. Enable Motion Detection Checking this option will enable the motion

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Control Configuration Panel

Control Configuration panel The Control Configuration Panel gives you advanced controls for your camera including presets. NOTE: This page depends entirely on your camera model and its capabilities. Your Control Configuration Panel may have more/less options.  Advanced Controls Here is where you are able to adjust additional advanced features for your specific camera model. You may see

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Video Configuration Panel

Video Configuration panel The Video Configuration Panel allows you to adjust video settings, set recording options, and control PTZ functions.  Embedded Mini Control panel The reduced size control panel is a convenient way to control PTZ video cameras without opening a separate control panel. Depending on your camera model your PTZ control may look different. 

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Configuration Panel Overview

Configuration Panel Overview The Configuration Panel allows you to configure several settings for the camera and video image. When video is being displayed, different settings can be adjusted and controlled in the configuration panel. The configuration panel contains four ‘tabs’ – Video, Control, Events, and Playback.

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