System Settings

“Master Schedule” Tab

“Master Schedule” Tab Scheduling can be set up to allow certain functions to run during specified times. For example, you can have video record only during nighttime hours. Scheduling can be set up in the System Settings screen. This will set up a default schedule that all the cameras on the system can use, with […]

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“Security Settings” Tab

*Updated: 2/2/23 “Security Settings” Tab The User and Password Security Settings screen allows you to add multiple users. Each user can have customized levels of system access. Setting up users and passwords, and enabling security, prevents system use and access from unauthorized users. NOTE: Enabling the User and Password Security Settings prevents unauthorized access to

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“Remote Web Access” Tab

“Remote Web Access” Tab This section contains configuration settings for the integrated web/video server. Enabling this option will make ViewCommander’s live and recorded video available to remote users who connect to the ViewCommander system using a standard web browser. Enable Web Access Checking this option activates the ViewCommander-NVR Video Web Server – allowing video to

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“Archive” Tab

“Archive” Tab This section contains items related to saving video to the hard drive on the computer. Default Archive Directory Settings This setting allows you to choose the drive to use for video storage.  NOTE: Selecting this will show only the drives on the system that can be recorded to. ViewCommander supports the saving of

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“Email” Tab

“Email” Tab Click Here for a Video Tutorial on Email Notifications System Settings –> Email This screen allows you to configure your email server settings. ViewCommander is compatible with many email systems. In order to set up email notifications, you must have a mail server and know the mail server’s account settings. “User Defined” This

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“General” Tab

*Updated: 1/26/22 “General” Tab Enhance thumbnail images Checking this option will display digitally enhanced video for each video camera when in MultiView mode, or when the thumbnail view is present. Enabling this option uses more computer resources, and should be turned off if you notice the system performance slowing when in MultiView mode. Tray icon

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System Settings Overview

System Settings Overview The system settings dialog box allows you to configure system settings and select options that apply globally to the whole system, as well as to all cameras. You can override some settings on a per camera basis, such as scheduling and archive save location. The System Settings screen is broken down into

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