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ViewCommander can easily be configured to allow you to view video over the internet using just a web browser.  In ViewCommander, enable ‘Web Access‘ in the System Settings.

The next step will be to configure your router/firewall to allow remote connections to access the ViewCommander computer.

Because networks are set up in many different ways, and have different equipment, IVI can only provide general guidance on the steps you will need to do to accomplish this. There are also security concerns that need to be address as well.

Please refer to our port forwarding document here:

Port Forwarding Example

If you are non-technical, this is an excellent document to give to your IT Professional.

SSL Certification:

Setting up a Self-Signed SSL Certificate in ViewCommander

System Settings –> Remote Web Access

  1. Make sure “Enable web access with SSL Encryption” is checked off
  2. Click “SSL Self Signed Cert”
    1. Here you will be able to enter the external IP Address along with the External Hostname. To get your IP Address simply click on “Get IP Addresses”
    2. External Hostname or IP Address enter the address that will be inputted into the web browser. If accessing ViewCommander remotely on the internal network the local Hostname or IP Address can be inputted here such as a 192.168 address.
  3. Click on “Generate SSL Cert”

Installing SSL Certificate on iPhone

**NOTE: Prior to completing these steps a Self-Signed SSL Certificate must have been created in ViewCommander**

  1. Enter IP Address or Hostname followed by the port number into your web browser on your iPhone.
  2. Click “Show Detail” and scroll to click on “visit this website”
  3. Click “Download Certificate” and “allow” the website to download the configuration profile.
  4. Within the iPhone settings click on the “Profile Downloaded”
  5. Click “Install” in the top right corner, enter the iPhone passcode and click “install” again to finish the installation.
  6. To enable the profile, go into “About” and scroll down to “Certificate Trust Settings” and enable full trust for root certificates”.
  7. Go back to the web browser, refresh the page and enter the username and password, the same credentials used to access ViewCommander via a desktop

Restoring ViewCommander

ViewCommander keeps backup configuration files that you can restore. Here is how to restore cameras, users, system settings and sensors.

  1. Close ALL instances of ViewCommander
    1. Uninstall VC as a Services using the VCUtility
    2. Close ViewCommander, if open, in Windows
  2. Locate the backup files
    1. C:\programdata\ViewCommander\Config\backup
    2. There are 4 main backup files:
      1. vccameras.xml- ViewCommander Camera Configuration file
      2. vcsensors.xml- ViewCommander Sensor Configuration file
      3. vcusers.txt- ViewCommander Users Configuration file
      4. vcsystemsettings.txt- ViewCommander System Settings Configuration file
    3. Organize the files here by date
    4. Copy the most recent date of the file you are looking to backup
      1. Example:
        1. If you can no longer see your cameras in the Video Source Tree, then you should copy the most recent vccamera-DATE.xml file (vccameras-20210304.xml)
  3. Paste the copied files into: C:\ProgramData\ViewCommander\config
  4. Rename the configuration files
    1. Rename the copied files from backup to:‘vccameras.xml,’ ‘vcsesnors.xml,’ ‘vcusers.txt,’ vcsystemsettings.txt’
      1. For Example, after copying the files to the config folder they might look like this:
        1. vccameras-20210304.xml → vccameras.xml
        2. vcsesnor-20210304.xml → vcsesnors.xml
        3. vcusers-20210304.txt → vcusers.txt
        4. vcsystemsettings-20210304.txt → vcsystemsettings.txt
  5. Start ViewCommander to check for restoration.


  • If your cameras, sensors, users, or system settings were not restored repeat all the previous steps EXCEPT copy the next most recent date in the backup folder to paste into the “config” folder
  • If ViewCommander was previously installed as a service remember to reinstall using as a service with the VCUtility

Please see the FAQ “How do I restore my ViewCommander settings from a backup?”  or the documentation here

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