ViewCommander-NVR lets you to display the video in several screen formats:

MultiView Mode​​

Select the Display MultiView Mode icon from the toolbar to enter MultiView Mode.

This mode displays all active video feeds in the main viewing area. Video images will be optimally sized to fit the screen.

When in MultiView Mode, video feeds with motion activity will be highlighted with a red box (if the motion detection feature is enabled for a particular feed).

When a video image is clicked, the video will expand, and the view mode will switch to Video and Control Mode (see Video and Control Mode section below).

In MultiView mode, all video screens are displayed.

Video and Control Mode (LIVE View)​

Select the Display Video and Controls icon from the toolbar to enter Video and Control Mode…

Note: The mode will switch to Video and Control Mode when a video feed is selected from a camera in the Video Source Panel.

Control Mode will display the Configuration Panel on the right hand side of the screen. In this mode, you will have access to advanced features of the video and camera settings (see the Configuration Panel Overview section on page 10).

In Video and Control mode a single video screen is displayed. The right side of the screen will display the tabs for the different configuration panels (shown here).

Full Screen Mode​

Select the Display Full Screen Video button from the toolbar to enter Full Screen Mode.

Selecting this option in Video and Control Mode will expand… 

the video to fill the entire viewing area. Selecting this option in MultiView Mode will display all active video images to fill the entire viewing area.

Full Screen mode will show a live video in the entire viewing area. You can control PTZ functions by clicking in the image, or selecting an option from the menu bar.

Remote MultiView Window

Select the “Toggle MultiView display in External Window” to create a new window containing all the live video thumbnail…

This window can be moved and resized to fit on a separate monitor. Clicking on a video feed in the MultiView window will switch the active video feed on the main screen to this selection.

Control video in the main viewing area, while watching all the video feeds in a separate window or separate monitor

Remote MultiView Window for Multiple Floating Windows (optional feature)​

The Configuration Panel allows easy access to each camera’s settings. The configuration panel contains four tabs:

• Video – To control video settings and set recording options • Control – Advanced controls for some IP camera models • Events – To set up motion detection settings, I/O alarms, and other events • Playback – A panel to playback saved video organized by dates & times

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