Video Sources - IP Cameras and IP Video Servers

ViewCommander connects to a wide range of IP video cameras and IP video servers. These IP video devices are also referred to as Video Devices or Video Sources throughout this document.

Video Source Connectivity

Before ViewCommander can connect to your video source, it is essential your video source has an IP address or hostname, and that the video source is accessible to the ViewCommander computer via a network connection.

If you can connect to your video device with a web browser from the ViewCommander computer, then ViewCommander will also be able to connect to this video source, provided the model is supported by ViewCommander.

If you cannot connect to your video device with a web browser from the ViewCommander computer, then it is unlikely that ViewCommander will be able to access this device either. If you are in this situation, please consult the documentation that came with your video device on how to set up the connection and gain access to the camera or video server.

Video Source Settings

All IP cameras and video servers come with utilities to change the settings on the device itself, or via manufacturer’s software. Usually these settings can be modified with a web browser by connecting to the video source directly. These settings can include:

  • Brightness and contrast
  • Video frame rate and bandwidth settings
  • Pan Tilt Zoom functions, such as speed and preset position settings
  • Other special functions, such as preset touring, video overlay text, etc.

Many of these settings can be specified when setting up a video source in ViewCommander too. However, some settings cannot be specified in ViewCommander and must be set on the video source directly. This varies between the different camera models.

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