Troubleshooting: Video feed not coming into ViewCommander

Click here to watch a Video Tutorial on Troubleshooting a Camera Connection Loss

If you do NOT see you LIVE video follow the troubleshooting tips below:  

In the Video Source Setup click on the “connect to web interface” button.

If a browser opens but cannot connect to the camera this could mean one of several things:

  • You entered the wrong information. Verify that the IP Address and port numbers are correct
  • You selected the wrong camera model in ViewCommander
  • The camera is not powered on
  • The is no network connection between the ViewCommander computer and the camera.
  • The camera could be on but perhaps the camera is behind a firewall or router and the ports are not forwarded correctly

If a browser opens and you can connect to the camera this could mean one of several things: 

  • Be sure the username and password you entered in VC is the same. Verify this by retyping the username and password for the camera when prompted by the web browser
  • Then reenter the same credentials in ViewCommander
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