Restoring ViewCommander settings

ViewCommander keeps backup configuration files that you can restore. Here is how to restore cameras, users, system settings and sensors. Click HERE for a Video Tutorial. 

  1. Close ALL instances of ViewCommander
    1. Uninstall VC as a Services using the VCUtility
    2. Close ViewCommander, if open, in Windows
  2. Locate the backup files
    1. C:\programdata\ViewCommander\Config\backup
    2. Before continuing make sure “File Name Extensions” is checked off under the “View” tab at the top of your file explorer.
    3. There are 4 main backup files:
      1. vccameras.xml- ViewCommander Camera Configuration file
      2. vcsensors.xml- ViewCommander Sensor Configuration file
      3. vcusers.txt- ViewCommander Users Configuration file
      4. vcsystemsettings.txt- ViewCommander System Settings Configuration file
    4. Organize the files here by date
    5. Copy the most recent date of the file you are looking to backup
      1. Example:
        1. If you can no longer see your cameras in the Video Source Tree, then you should copy the most recent vccamera-DATE.xml file (vccameras-20210304.xml)
  3. Paste the copied files into: C:\ProgramData\ViewCommander\config
  4. Rename the configuration files
    1. Rename the copied files from backup to:‘vccameras.xml,’ ‘vcsesnors.xml,’ ‘vcusers.txt,’ vcsystemsettings.txt’
      1. For Example, after copying the files to the config folder they might look like this:
        1. vccameras-20210304.xml → vccameras.xml
        2. vcsesnor-20210304.xml → vcsesnors.xml
        3. vcusers-20210304.txt → vcusers.txt
        4. vcsystemsettings-20210304.txt → vcsystemsettings.txt
  5. Start ViewCommander to check for restoration.


  • If your cameras, sensors, users, or system settings were not restored repeat all the previous steps EXCEPT copy the next most recent date in the backup folder to paste into the “config” folder
  • If ViewCommander was previously installed as a service remember to reinstall using as a service with the VCUtility
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