"Security Settings" Tab

The User and Password Security Settings screen allows you to add multiple users. Each user can have customized levels of system access. Setting up users and passwords, and enabling security, prevents system use and access from unauthorized users.

NOTE: Enabling the User and Password Security Settings prevents unauthorized access to specific features within the ViewCommander-NVR program. These settings do not protect the computer system from unauthorized use. Please consult with your network systems administrator for more information on securing the computer on which ViewCommander-NVR is installed.

This provides a list of users who are allowed to access the system. There are two users that cannot be added or deleted from the system:

  1. “admin” account: The ‘admin’ account (or Administrator account) allows access to all features of the ViewCommander system. The password for admin can be changed, however this account name must remain ‘admin’. The security settings for this account cannot be changed.   Important: By default, the  admin password is not set. System security settings will not work until the ‘admin’ password is set.
  2. “default” account: The ‘default’ account is the account that the system starts up in. The default account does not have a password; however the security settings can be changed for the ‘default’ account.

Users can be added by pressing the “Add User” Button. The following screen will be displayed:

  • User Login Name: The name a user will log into the system with.
  • Full User Name: The full name of the user, for reference purposes.
  • Password: The password the user will use to access the system.
  • Confirm Password: The password the user will use to access the system.
  • User Enabled: Enables the User Account, also allows for an expiration date
  • Allow Multiple Logins: Enables multiple devices/Users to login to the same account.

The following screen allows you to set up different levels of system access for users.

Select a user from the User List. Then check the appropriate levels of access for that user. Levels of Access include:

  • System Admin – Marks the user as an Administrator of the server
  • Change System Settings
  • Add/Delete Video Sources
  • Change Video Source Settings
  • Activate/Deactivate Cameras
  • Change Camera Settings
  • Enable/Disable Archiving
  • Change Archive Settings
  • Delete Archives
  • View Archives *
  • Control Presets *
  • Control Pan/Tilt and Presets on Camera *
  • Allow Web and Handheld Access *
  • Exit System

NOTE: Items with an asterisk ( * ) indicate that these settings also apply to users who access the system via ViewCommander’s web interface.

This option brings up a list of groups to which the selected user belongs, and allows you to add or remove groups from the user. Groups are explained below.

This menu is used to assign users to the selected group, or to remove users who no longer belong to the group.

NOTE: Once users/groups are added and you would like to give them remote access you will need to add them to the “Remote Access” button in the “Video Configuration Panel”. 

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