*Updated: 1/26/22

"General" Tab

Checking this option will display digitally enhanced video for each video camera when in MultiView mode, or when the thumbnail view is present. Enabling this option uses more computer resources, and should be turned off if you notice the system performance slowing when in MultiView mode.

Check to display a small icon in the system tray when the program is minimized.

Check to allow smooth video transitions. You may want to uncheck this feature if you notice system performance issues.

Selecting this option will run the program in full screen, and prevent access to other features available on the computer. The user will not be able to switch to other programs while ViewCommander is running. This is useful if operators of this software should not be allowed to use other programs on the computer system.

NOTEThis is not to be confused with expanding a video feed to fill the entire screen.

Checking this option will use any Internet Proxy settings configured in Microsoft® Internet Explorer. This may be necessary for users behind some types of firewalls.

Check this to use a 24 hour clock. Uncheck this to use AM and PM in time displays.

Check this to display dates in the DD/MM/YYYY format. Uncheck to display dates in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

Checking this will automatically disable video from being updated on the screen when connecting to the PC using Window’s® remote desktop. Having the video update may cause the Remote Desktop program to respond slowly. This will not affect the video recording, or remote user playback.

Checking this box unmasks camera and user passwords when logged into ViewCommander under the admin account. 

Click the ‘Custom audio alert’ button to select your own .wav sound file to play when an event occurs. Click the ‘test’ button to preview the sound.

Press this button to see if there are any software updates available. If updates are available, a web browser will appear with download instructions.

Check this box to allow the system to automatically look for product updates when the software starts. If updates are available, a web browser will appear with download instructions. Updates are not automatically installed. You may also press the “Check for Updates” button to see if updates are available.

NOTE: Updates are not automatically installed.


Check this option to log system errors. This will save to the ViewCommanderLog.txt file.

Check this option to log every time the system starts or stops. This will save to the ViewCommanderLog.txt file.

Check this box to log every time a new user logs in via the web interface remotely. Log will save to the UserLog.txt file

This will bring you to where the VC Logs are stored. To learn more click here

Pro Advanced: When setting up Sunrise/Sunset Custom Controls this is where ViewCommander will look to for the correct time zone based off the zip code or latitude/longitude entered. 

Clicking this button will open (or display the directory path) of the directory where the ViewCommander configuration files are stored. This is also the path of the log file location.

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