Adding Archive Footage back into VC

Cameras may change location.  This is why in ViewCommander when you change the “Easy Reference Name” you get the following popup: 

By selecting “Yes” a new is created and any previous footage is no longer viewable in Playback. However, some users may still need to see that footage. To do this, follow these steps to allow access to the old folder:

1. Add New Video Source and select "ViewCommander Archive"
2. Select "Folder"

Highlight the camera’s name and select “Ok”

3. Optional: Add an "Easy Reference Name"
4. "Save"

You will not see any video. You will need to go into “Playback” to view your archives. 

*Adding a “ViewCommander Archive” video source, will not count as one of your camera licenses 

Giving Users Remote Access to Archive

1. System Settings –> “Security Settings” tab, select user and click “Assign to Cameras” (this is for Versions 13 and newer)

2. Back in the video, select “remote access” and check “enable web” 

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