*Updated: 2/2/23

How to Find the ViewCommander Log

What Version are you?  VERSION 14/13/12    VERSION 11/OLDER

If you have Version 14/13/12:

In the Application: 
  1. In the ViewCommander Application click “Options”–> “System Settings” 
  2. Under the “General Tab” you will see “Log File Folder” click here to find the file named “ViewCommanderLog” 
Click on the last icon in the menu bar: 
On the C Drive: 
  • The log files for each month are stored in folders with the following format:
    • C:\ProgramData\ViewCommander\VCLogs\<YEAR>\<MONTH>
      • Example: C:\ProgramData\ViewCommander\VCLogs\2021\12

IF YOU HAVE VERSION 11 and older:

On the C Drive: 
  • C:\ProgramData\ViewCommander 
  • “ViewCommanderLog” 
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